We are Konnor & Samantha Kopp! We're a husband & wife photography & cinematography team – recently married on June 2nd, 2018! (So we know what you are going through!) We love what we do and are blessed to create & share our passion together with the amazing couples & families we meet along the way. We tell each other all the time – we wouldn’t be able to make this business happen without each other.  Having your husband or wife as your business partner might not sound like the easiest thing but we love it! We know each other’s strengths & weaknesses, how to communicate with each other effectively, & (most of the time) know exactly what each other is thinking.

Konnor always found himself behind the camera, capturing all the crazy adventures that came with growing up alongside four brothers! Whether someone was hitting a dirt bike jump, flipping off a diving board, or posing for a group shot for mom, Konnor was the one trusted to capture the memory. He later turned his hobby into a career, asked me (Samantha) to help him with his growing business, and we both fell in love with what goes on behind the scenes of a photo or video.


man of not so many words, shopaholic, cool as a cucumber


crazy dog lady, coffee lover, bicycle enthusiast

We are Canon lovers. Always have been, always will be. Both of us share a Canon 5D Mark IV & two Canon 5D Mark IIIs, a full range of Canon L-Series lenses, Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite flashes, & all the state-of-the-art equipment that Konnor can get his hands on. It’s not all about the equipment that makes a great photo… but it can help ;)